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Plastic Injection Mold

To arrive at a quote, we first gather all details to determine manufacturability of an achievable mold structure, factoring in flowability of the chosen material. With a projected estimate of annual usage, we suggest the most economical cavity plan as well as the proper steel grade to satisfy the customer's needs.

When complex flow is involved, we use mold flow analysis to assist and arrive at a mold plan.

To provide the best production experience, during mold design discussions, we present a comprehensive plan that is compatible with a customer’s molding machines and running environment.

During mold construction, we present weekly progress reports and real-time communications to keep all parties on the same page. We utilize mold trial reports and trial videos to be sure our customers are fully aware of their project's progress.



  • Hot runner system mold

  • Auto-unscrewing mold

  • Hot oil mold

  • Multi-shot mold

  • Insert molding & overmolding mold

  • Reverse injection mold

  • Gas-assist mold

Application Examples

Automobile & Motorcycle